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To post a photo, fill in its pathname on your computer in the "File to post" field, or press the "Browse..." button and navigate to the file. Fill in the "Label" field, and, if you want to prevent all and sundry from changing your photo's label or deleting it, the "Password" field. Enter the solution to the simple arithmetic problem (this will hopefully stop robots for a while). Press the "Post" button. Your photo will appear on the main pages as soon as our moderators have ensured that it is not objectionable.

Photos must be JPEGs (.jpg or .jpeg) with a size of 100 Kbytes or less. If you can, please crop your photo to just face, hat, and beard, as on the home page. Photos are scaled to display as 256 pixels high. If you resize your cropped photo to that height, it will save storage space and make the pages load faster.

To change your photo's label, fill in the "Label", "Password", and "File Name" fields, and press the "Change Label" button.

To remove your photo, fill in the "Password" and "File Name" fields, and press the "Delete" button.

Clicking on your photo will bring you here, with the "Label" and "File Name" fields filled in.

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Glenn Allen