The Nature and Process of This Website

This site is for those who want to openly identify their support for individual freedom and the limitations on government power described in the US Constitution. The controlling desire of every human mind, by design, is the freedom to form its own conclusions.

That freedom is feared by government personnel who crave the power to make everyone else's decisions for them, and force those decisions on everyone. In a Police State, where government officials force their decisions on everyone, the people who advocate freedom are therefore outlaws.

If you fear the government, you are in a Police State. If the government fears the people, you live in freedom.

An armed society will protect their government if it rationally serves the people.

An armed government will not protect the rights of a disarmed society, as all of history proves.

If the government harasses or damages those who advocate freedom, it is a Police State.

Every nation has many ignorant young males who will flock to the killing fields of war to kill and die for the rhetorical illusions of Police State leaders, claiming the illusion of courage.

Likewise, every nation has many unquestioning males who want police jobs for the addicting feeling of personal power over other people. They never question routinely unlawful orders of their power-craving superiors and lawyers.

All of history proves that the greatest threat to, and destruction of, individual freedom is effected by one's own government.

Genuine courage is defined by one's courage to face a nation's real threat to, and destruction of, freedom, one's own government.

If you fail to soon enough face down the obvious threat to your freedom, the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, it will become what the Nazi Party became when the German citizens were complacent too long.

The US government's tax paid legions of police, prosecutors, court judges, politicians and bureaucrats will not question their lucrative corruption.

What will your heirs say of what government you produced, and your courage?

Commonly intelligent (common sense) people in the US and around the world recognize that the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime has created a Police State. That Regime ignores the supreme law of the US Constitution, and acts on raw power of decree. What were previously citizen rights, and limitations on government power, are now privileges grantable and deniable at the whim of legions of government bureaucrats, lawyers, police, court judges, legislators, governors and presidents bound by no law. Even the US President openly signs laws with statements that he and his colleagues are not bound by the laws. The rule of a king is therefore identified.

You can post your photo for this website as a statement of your preference to live as a free person, as the writers of the US Constitution intended. Anyone from any country can do so. Tell your friends.

Your choice.

And keep on having fun.